Monday, October 5, 2009

From Glenn...

     I've been writing songs for The Fables for the last 10-12 years. But like you might expect, inspiration doesn't just come in Celtic form. There's been contemporary stuff that I have from as far back as 10 years ago that I like but have never recorded. Some of that will be on this record.  Most of the album will be more recent material however. I kinda like where I'm at today as a writer.

     The process that we're using has been working great. Basically it started with me writing the songs here at my house and then recording guitars, bass, and vocals here in my home studio. I got some fairly decent gear and I got it sounding pretty good. Then I sent the stuff to Paul and he created keyboard tracks for the songs in the comfort and leisure of his own home studio as well. It really brought the stuff over the top. Over a couple of afternoons we transferred my files, and then Paul's files to the studio computer in St Phillips. It all synced up perfectly and immediately sounded fantastic. It's a very cool way to do a record. We're gonna replace some of the lead vocals and solos and the like at St Phillips. They have world class gear there. It'll  also give me a chance to sing and play with the engineering out of the way. We'll get some real drums happening there too. It's a great facility and Justin Merdsoy (engineer) is very talented and an all round great guy to be working with. We're gonna do some of the songs from scratch as well, but already the album is 60% done, and we love what we got.


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