Monday, December 14, 2009

The Unusual Suspects (Percussion by Di Nillo, Ledrew on Pedal Steelo)

Now we're getting somewhere. New textures, colours and interactions that nobody could have ever planned are happening and there's lots of excitement as the music grows and takes us to new places. A couple songs are "finished" and a few more are close. Billy Sutton discovered he could drum but he couldn't hide, Romano Di Nillo brought his cool percussiveness to a few tracks, Boomer was back behind the kit for a couple, Chris Ledrew had us thunderstruck with his pedal steel voicings, and Paul Kinsman still hasn't found out who left the coffee cup stains on his Mellotron. You'll have to ask Glenn about the apparition... he was the one who saw it and the story requires the live retelling instead of attempting it here. One thing all the lads are realizing is that there's nothing quite as deep as playing music with people who have been doing it for many years.

Some song titles you can expect:

In the Twentieth Century
Sweet Vanilla
Perfect Reputation
She Talked About Elvis
It Goes On

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  1. Heard Glen sing one of his new songs, at the WGB Reunion, Arts and Culture Centre. Thought it was fabulous. Hope it's on the new album, can't wait.